Author Interview – Kelly D. Smith – Part one


Hello everyone,

Today I have a nice suprise as I bring you an author interview that I conducted recenty!

It was a great experience and very enjoyable.

I’m so looking forward to doing more!

Hope you enjoy!

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Alternative Mistress Interviews!

Author Interview – Part 1

Kelly D. Smith

Kelly D. Smith is a twenty year old Author who hails from Rural Canada United States and has been Publishing her work for over two years. In those two years of hard dedication to her work, Kitty has sucessfully had five publications over the specified time.

Coming from a simplistic backround, it is safe to say that she is well versed in the lifestyle that Writers often dream of. She has had the pleasure of being able to see the world by travelling from place to place.

One of her favouriite places to live she tells me, was in a hundred and fifty year old log cabin in Quebec which was acommpanied by a hundred acres of land and a private lake!

Sounds like a dream getaway for any Writer!

Now settling down after buying a house earlier this year after getting married, Kelly now resides with her husband her cat and her Husky named Loki which she has had since she was six years old, to focus on her work!

Kelly also has a new book coming out shortly so make sure to stick around to see what she has to say!


AW: Hello Kelly, Thank you for taking the time out from your busy schedule to talk to me. So lets begin. What made you decide to become a Writer?

Kelly: I started writing when I was about seven or eight years old. I was actually a very slow reader but by the time I came around to reading, there wasn’t alot at my reading level that I Wanted to read.

I wanted Lord of the Rings, But at my reading level?! And that wasn’t there so I decided to write something that I would like to read!

After that I just fell in love with writing! Being homeschooled actually gave me a chance to work on my writing daily, and being around a mother who is also an author and a sister who wanted to become one – it just seemed like the right thing to do!

By the time I was fifteen I decided that writing was something that I wanted to do as a career. So I wrote and wrote and wrote!

When I turned eighteen I had three short stories, novellas and novels to send to publishers – and one was actually accepted!

AW: That’s awesome! Coming from a family of creative people must have helped you immensly with your writing ability? Was your parents supportive of your writing ambition?

Kelly: In their own way, yeah. They’re not really the kind that are going to be ‘typically’ supportive but my parents always had this “You can do anyhthing” attitude towards things.

I’m not sure that they’ve ever come out to me and said it to me, not in those words at least, but if ever said “Oh i could never do that,” they would reply with “Why not?”

I dont think that they ever really thought that they had to be typically supportive, because to them it didn’t occur that I might not do it!

But often at times the best support you can have is people to talk to! Because of what I write, i’ve found working in the garage with my dad is super helpful and has inspired a couple of stories!

My mom is a writer too, and we’re such similar people that it’s wonderful to be able to talk business with someone, even before I knew other author’s to talk business with!

AW: You say your mother is a writer. What Genre does your mum dabble in?

Kelly: Mainly she likes to write gritty work, I know she’s still in the process of a couple of novels so I don’t want to give too many details away!

She also writes a little Romance, and last I checked she was writing a book on homeschooling!

AW: That’s great! What Genre do you dabble in?

Kelly: When it comes to Ghost Writing it seems like a lot of Romance. My own stuff, I love to write informative/how to as well as Fantasy/Urban Fantasy but i’m hoping to expand and Write some Crime as well.

AW: Being a Writer is often a reclusive job. Alot of time and dedication is poured fourth into our works and often our brains tend to go into overdrive to finish the piece and we become isolated in a fashion.

Have you found that being a Writer you have lost contact with the world around you in order to finish a piece of writing?

Kelly: Honestly, I’m not a hugely social person to begin with! I live in rural Canada and I love it, but yes I do find sometimes my work leaves me tuning everything and everyone out in order to get a job done in twenty four hours.

Overall though, no, I wouldn’t say it’s really made me lose contact. I think writing is like any other job, you have to find a good balance. And I think a huge key to that is finding other writer’s out there who understand the unique struggles of being a writer.