Broken Hearted


I yearn to hear the truth escape from your lips

The reason for why you do things you do

I know your soul is not as tainted as you believe

For when I look at you its like looking at me

You told me that long had you searched for a lover

And then we became one with the other

I completed you and you completed me

But now you have ripped my heart out In front of me

There’s so many things about you that I don’t understand

For when your sober your a different man

Clear headed and a laugh

But now you want to go down a different path

Once again the drink has poisoned your mind

I have lost you to the bottle

Broken hearted




Afternoon all,

So I decided yesterday to apply for a free Horoscope reading online by a professional astrologer and this morning I got my results back.

Turns out there is a lot of positive change happening in my life at the moment which I’m happy about and it also mentioned that a lifelong dream is going to accomplished this year!

I found this interesting as my only life long dream is to write! My horoscope mentioned that my dream is going to be my career!

Can you imagine my excitement when I read those words.

Maybe I am onto something good here!

Just thought I’d share my surprise with you all!

Have a good one!

Internet Breakdown!


Afternoon everyone,

So my internet is currently down and so I have found myself sitting in the libary using the WiFi.

I love it.

It’s quite in here and I seem to be the only one who resides in the building at the moment.

Peace and quite, two things i need after the stressful day i’ve had running around!

Take care!

Inspirational Words!


Evening all,

Today I bring a free verse that I absolutely adore and couldn’t wait to share it with you!

My days have passed away, my thoughts are dissipated, tormenting my heart.

They have turned light into day, and after darkness I hope for light again.

If I wait, hell is my house and I have my bed in darkness.

I have said to rottenness, thou art my father, to worms my mother and sister.

Where is now then my  expectation and who considereth my patience?

All that I have shall go down into the deepest pit; thinkest thou that at least I shall rest?”


Evening all,

I’m curious!

Is Fanfiction classed as writing?

I class it as writing even though it’s taking someone else’s characters and using them to do what you want do with them.

I’m actually an author on there.

Would love to hear what you all think of this?

If you would like to view my fanfic’s just comment.

My Day Out In Caerphilly Castle.


Afternoon everyone,

So yesterday I went on an excursion to get my internal cogs rolling.

I visited Caerphilly Castle.  A beautiful place of history and unsolved truths.

Obviously I have been there many times before as the castle is near my home town, but never have I actually gone inside with the intent to plop myself down on the grassy banking with my laptop perched upon my knees and my eyes scanning the murky brown waters of the moat that surrounds the fascinating foundation.

It was beautiful just to sit in silence and drink in the beauty of the castle. Not many people appreciate it for what it truly is and a lot of the interior is vandalized or littered with rubbish. Not good and it does anger me that someone could be so disrespectful.

However this didn’t stop me from letting my mind roam free.

I also took Hamlet to read whilst  enjoyed my solace. It was perfect. I loved the tranquillity.

I need to make these trips a regular occurrence.

Shakespeare – Othello Update


Evening all,

I was just having a scan through my blog posts when I noticed that my opinion after completing reading Othello has been deleted.

Strange! but fear not because I am about to post my opinion on it all over again.

For those of you who don’t know, Othello fell into my hands completely on accident when I was standing in a quite little second hand bookshop in Portsmouth not two months ago.

I have admitted that before reading Othello, my passion for Shakespeare was nowhere near as passionate as it is now! I was never the Shakespeare lover in my younger years. (Oh what a fool I was) Now however I simply cannot get enough of it.

Upon reading the first page of the play, I have to say that I was hooked instantly. With the cunning and conniving Iago and his counterpart Roderigo, it is safe to say that the opening act and scene does itself immense justice at creating the mood and constructing great visualization.

I found myself well drawn into the play from the get go and for me that is what I look for in a book or play. A hook! And a bloody good one at that.

Othello provided me with just that!

The thoughts and feelings that Shakespeare’s play brought out in me Is truly brilliant. I felt anger when Othello felt anger, confusion when Desdemona felt confusion, hate when witnessing conniving Iago’s scheming  and love for the poor victimized Cassio!

Being twenty three and only just finding my Shakespearian roots I can honestly say that I wish I had discovered my love for him early on in adolescence! I have a lot of catching up to do but I know it’s going to be worth it.

Othello is a brilliant piece of literature that EVERYONE needs to read! seriously, its a truly beautiful piece of work!

I have one more thing to say. Thank you Shakespeare!