First Short Story Acceptence!!


Afternoon all,

Hope all is well.

I have been very busy as of late with racking my brains to find suitable markets for my articles and short stories.

It seems finally that my hard work and determination is paying off as I have now had my first short story accepted by a magazine.

Dark Gothic Resurrected Magazine. Any of you know it?

The theme is purely horror and all things marcarb right up my ally.

Tho is my second success this month, my first being an article accepted by another magazine. 😊



Broken Hearted


I yearn to hear the truth escape from your lips

The reason for why you do things you do

I know your soul is not as tainted as you believe

For when I look at you its like looking at me

You told me that long had you searched for a lover

And then we became one with the other

I completed you and you completed me

But now you have ripped my heart out In front of me

There’s so many things about you that I don’t understand

For when your sober your a different man

Clear headed and a laugh

But now you want to go down a different path

Once again the drink has poisoned your mind

I have lost you to the bottle

Broken hearted