New Article – Moonproject And Update In the Life Of An Aspiring Writer


Hello all,

Haven’t posted a while on here but I come to you now with an update in the life of an aspiring Writer.

I have recently had luck on my side as I have been working my fingers to the bone in my spare time searching endlessly for any magazines, both print and online, that are looking for contributors.

Well, It is safe to say that I have managed to bag a deal with a NEW and UPCOMING online magazine named Soul – D which is going to be launched this coming September!

The magazine is an online webzine that covers the subjects of beauty and stereotypes in all aspects and all cultures.

I have recently submitted my first piece to the Editor which received positive feedback and will be looking forward to seeing my article published online for a new and fresh magazine that covers a subject that I am most familiar with which is of course stereotypes!

I will keep you updated on the news as I would love to share with you my experiences as I aspire to get my name in print!

In general, my life has been hectic these last couple of months with being busy working and family problems but still finding the time to write down my thoughts every night.

I would of course had tried to find the time to keep you all updated but as you can imagine I have been busy.

However, recently I have had another article published online for another online magazine that I have been writing for the last year.

I will post the link below for you all to have a gander.

Leave feedback if you can!

Until next time,

Take care!


Broken Hearted


I yearn to hear the truth escape from your lips

The reason for why you do things you do

I know your soul is not as tainted as you believe

For when I look at you its like looking at me

You told me that long had you searched for a lover

And then we became one with the other

I completed you and you completed me

But now you have ripped my heart out In front of me

There’s so many things about you that I don’t understand

For when your sober your a different man

Clear headed and a laugh

But now you want to go down a different path

Once again the drink has poisoned your mind

I have lost you to the bottle

Broken hearted

Silent Abscence


Hello my fellow bloggers,

It has been a while since I last blogged anything at all. Reason for my absence:

Mental health or to put it in simpler terms, extreme anxiety and depression.

I have been severely last few months, not wanting to take part in life. A hard thing for me to grasp as I had started recovering from my long spell of depression yet as quick as that it hit me like a ton of bricks and left me speechless.

I’m always so tired and drained. I feel as if my entire strength has given out on me. Not a good sign is it?

I have been through the mill with tablet changes too. Been taking a new antidepressant for nearly month and I have to say that they have made me worse not better. Everything has increased, including my panic attacks which I get almost everyday as I suffer from Panic Disorder and now to match that my depression is at an all time high.

Not even my writing has been cheering me up and that unnerves me as writing is my life.It’s my passion, my reason for living.

In my time of distress I have written a few poems that are rather dark and in some unexplainable. Writing has always seen me through the dark times and I guess will continue to do so.

Now I have an online blog I would like to share my pain with those who suffer from Depression as I know full well what you are going through.

I have been a depressive sufferer from the age of thirteen. I’m twenty three now.

Ten years is a long time to suffer!

Well, I just wanted you to all know that I will be posting blogs once again and keep you updated on how I feel.

Poems will be coming soon so stay tuned!