Why I love Writing Magazine


Afternoon all,

Hope all is well.

Today I want to express my love for Writing Magazine.

The content is so in depth and so beneficial to aspiring writer’s and professional writers. All the articles are 100% accurate! I have to say that I look forward to coming home and sitting down with a copy of Writing Magazine and having a crack at the exercises that are provided.

I have been an avid reader for a very long time and I have to say that only recently I felt the courage to submit two writing pieces to the editor. I was rejected but I have taken it as a compliment. These things take time and giving up is not on my agenda!

Every writer’s tool should be Writing Magazine.

Seriously, the glossy monthly publication saved my life. Figuratively speaking!


Free – Verse Poem


Afternoon all,

Here is a free verse poem that I wrote about the emotion Pain.

Hope you enjoy.


What is pain but an emotion?


Unbearable, intolerable pain

Grief, despair and undying devotion

To a loved one no longer here


Unquiet pain

Silent pain

Broken into fragments

When all life’s colours abandon our reason

Are we then eternally grateful for the pain


The shield that guards us against our own emotions

A divider that conceals us from the bitter truth


The only reason why most of us are still fighting

For what have we all got to lose?



Afternoon all,

So I decided yesterday to apply for a free Horoscope reading online by a professional astrologer and this morning I got my results back.

Turns out there is a lot of positive change happening in my life at the moment which I’m happy about and it also mentioned that a lifelong dream is going to accomplished this year!

I found this interesting as my only life long dream is to write! My horoscope mentioned that my dream is going to be my career!

Can you imagine my excitement when I read those words.

Maybe I am onto something good here!

Just thought I’d share my surprise with you all!

Have a good one!

Words of Wisdom!


Afternoon all,

To bring you all some inspiration this dreary afternoon here are three simple words that I live by religiously:

(1) Dream

(2) Aspire

(3) Succeed

There is nothing wrong with being a dreamer. Those who have made it into the big time once had a dream and they aspired and now they have succeeded.

Phew was beginning to sound like Martin Luther King then with his famous words of ‘ I have a dream.’

Well when I think about it, I do.

And that is to write!

Take care everyone!

Unusual Author Names.


Afternoon all,

So today I bring you post dedicated to unusual author names or to put it simpler, names of authors that I only thought fictitious

Just to clarify I have only stumbled across one so far but I am sure there are many more out there waiting to be uncovered!

When I find these however, I will dedicate another post to them!

For now there is one that intrigued me!

(1) Number one on my list is the enchanting Eowyn Ivey author of The Snow Child.

I was very surprised when I read her first name Eowyn. For those of you who don’t understand my surprise let me tell you that Eowyn was a name for a woman in J R R Tolkien’s Lord of the Rings.

I was taken aback and delighted at the same time as I always believed the name to be fictitious. To know that it is a real name made me smile as I always thought the name pretty.

More coming soon!



Evening all, hope all is well,

So I was just digging around online, using my free time looking what new films are hitting our screens this year (quite a few I have to say and a lot of them we should be excited about!) And I came across my favourite genre of all time.

What Is my favourite genre I hear you ask?


I am a huge horror fanatic in all aspects of life. From scary ghost stories to the occult, I love all things with a white knuckle scare factor.

To add my horror collection of late I have started playing Resident Evil – Outbreak on the PS2. It’s such an old game but I love it and the ability to frighten is great!

Games don’t usually frighten me though the main one that does make paranoid is Silent Hill. Known universally as survival horror.

With all this horror greatness surrounding me I have so many idea’s for stories and poems. I could write a book and two sequels with the list that I have in my head but that would take too long.

It’s strange how I fear ignites our creativity!



Afternoon all,

So today I bring you a review in the form of music.

It’s a little different but I’m all bout different.

Below you will find a link that will take you to a YouTube video that I selected that I thought reminded me of Hamlets madness

It also reminded me of his rage and desire for blood so this piece of music is extremely fitting.

It is entitled The taste for blood and it is from the film Only Lovers Left Alive!

I heard this at the time I was reading Hamlet and could not let go of the idea that it suited Hamlet!

I will post my thoughts upon the play, but for now I will leave you with a haunting piece of music that will transport you into another world!