My Day Out In Caerphilly Castle.

Afternoon everyone,

So yesterday I went on an excursion to get my internal cogs rolling.

I visited Caerphilly Castle.  A beautiful place of history and unsolved truths.

Obviously I have been there many times before as the castle is near my home town, but never have I actually gone inside with the intent to plop myself down on the grassy banking with my laptop perched upon my knees and my eyes scanning the murky brown waters of the moat that surrounds the fascinating foundation.

It was beautiful just to sit in silence and drink in the beauty of the castle. Not many people appreciate it for what it truly is and a lot of the interior is vandalized or littered with rubbish. Not good and it does anger me that someone could be so disrespectful.

However this didn’t stop me from letting my mind roam free.

I also took Hamlet to read whilst  enjoyed my solace. It was perfect. I loved the tranquillity.

I need to make these trips a regular occurrence.


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