Daphne Du Maurier’s Rebecca: The Birth of My Name.

Afternoon everyone,

Today I bring you a book review from the selection of my fiction library. Rebecca, By Daphne Du Maurier.

Now to start with I have to admit that this book normally wouldn’t have appealed to me but ever since I was a child, my mother would tell me that I was named after a film that she had seen when she was a child and the name of it was Rebecca.

Being the child that I was I never really paid much mind as to why she kept reminding me of my name heritage, but once I grew older my curiosity began to pick away at mind and so I sat down with my mum and began to ask her questions about this film. She nor I was aware that it was a book at the time.

It turned out that when my mum was a young teenager she feel in love with the name Rebecca and proclaimed that if ever she had a daughter she would be named after Du Mauriers’ beast. I found this notion rather heart-warming and so decided to do a little detective work and seek out this treasure that had made such an impact on my mother as a child.

Its turned out to be a great and liberating experience! Upon finding a copy of the book in my hand, which I bought from a quaint little bookshop in Portsmouth at the time, I was excited to sit down and read this book that was responsible for the birth of my name.

Then as I began to read and delve into the simple beauty that is Manderley, I discover the reserved and withdrawn Maxim de Winter, Lord of Manderley and his new bride, the young and anonymous Mrs de Winter and their tale of hell and misery from Maxim de winter’s late wife Rebecca.

Turns out Rebecca was quite a nasty piece of work, troublesome and flighty, conniving and cunning with the most evil mind imaginable except all the residents at manderley were unaware of her devious behaviour and so she was heralded as a saint. The only person who knew of her devious ways was her husband Maxim de Winter.

Well you can imagine my dismay when I found out how cruel this Rebecca really was. I silently thanked my mother for naming me after a cruel deviant! (I DID LAUGH AT THIS NOTION)

So I questioned my mother as to why she named me after such a cruel tyrant, I was playful with my words, I knew that she meant no harm, she simply just fell in love with the name!

This somehow warmed me and made me smile! it’s nice that I have a birthmark to my name, it’s sweet and meaningful and I shall never forget it!

I wanted to share this information with you because it means so much to me and I believe it rather important. So, now that I have shared my secret with you, I would like to know if there is a special meaning behind your name?

Take care!


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