Living out our character’s lives in our daily lives?

Afternoon all,

Today’s post is a little eccentric, ok maybe a little more than eccentric. it’s and idea that has been plaguing me for a long time and I just had to express it to you all.

Now firstly, it is rather strange and perhaps even slightly laughable. What would it be like if writers lived out ‘their’ characters life within their own daily routines? would it be strange? would it help writers ‘understand’ their protagonists in more detail?

I  personally would jump at the chance to live out my characters life through my daily routines. (ok, obviously not if he/she is a psychopathic murderer) but the overall idea is to ‘feel’ what our characters feel, ‘think’ what they think, ‘see’  what they see and ‘speak’ how they speak.

wouldn’t that be a liberating experience for writers in general?

I believe so.


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