Rejection – Positive or Negative?

So I received another rejection today for a short story that I sent into an online website that are looking for fiction submissions. I have to say that when I first saw that email I felt gravely disheartened and a little sad, as I worked so hard on making that story fit the requirements.

But then after the blow had been delivered the moment of sadness passed and I began to realize that a rejection, (as horrible as they may seem) are a form of recognition for us aspiring writers. Sure it’s not the sort of recognition that we all want to see staring at us in inbox, but at least its source of proof to show that ‘we’ are submitting work to Editors.

I keep a record table of works that I send out, idea’s I pitch, so that I can keep track of what I send to who, and so forth. This technique I learned from a creative writing course that I am currently undertaking and so far its proven beneficial.

I love my course and I love the work it involves. I suppose if you are really passionate about something then your going to put the hard work in to achieve it!

I am 110% dedicated to achieving my writing dream and I know that I am not alone. On my last blog website I used a quote that has kind of become my own motto now and I have learned to live by it.

“Say no to limitations,” Don’t let ‘anything’ limit you from following your dream! Yeah its going to take a while, but as long as you have faith then isn’t anything possible?


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